What is the Best Web Hosting for Small Business? Small Business Web Hosting Services

What is the Best Web Hosting for Small Business? This question comes up numerous times. The reason for this is it is not an easy question to answer as there are numerous hosting providers out there.

Plus small business owners want to make sure they are making the right choice. As most are aware of the importance of having a well-optimized website for desktop computers and mobile devices.

According to a poll of 2000 US internet users done by emarketer.com:

  • 36% of the respondents do research online and that’s how they locate small businesses locally
  • 35% use word of mouth
  • 8.4% find a store by walking into it first

As you can see being online is important waiting for people to stumble into your business is a major mistake. That means if your not online you losing close to half of your customers by ignoring the online marketing.

Now you can see why it is so important to build a strong web presence. It use to be hard to build a website but has gotten easier with time. I want to congratulate you for taking the step in creating your own site. The savings of doing your own website marketing can be crucial for businesses on a tight budget.

Things to look for in Small Business Web Hosting Services:

  • Flexibility (This is crucial that you look at the terms of service before picking. Nothing like building a site and then losing it because you violated one of their terms of service.)
  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Moveable
  • Search engine friendly
  • Secure
  • Fast and Reliable
  • Support (24/7) You never know when you will work on your site.
  • Automatic Backups

These are the top things to look for. There is also a very important other aspect and that is a strong community. Building a site by yourself is not easy but when you have a strong community it makes it much easier.

Can’t I use a free web hosting company? Wix says it’s free and easy!

The low down on these free sites:

Yes, these companies do rope you into thinking they are free and easy. Companies Like:

  • Sitebuilder
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • Wix

and many more like these. Even Google has started letting you build free websites with free hosting. They have had Blogger for years now.

A few points to keep in mind when looking at free web hosting especially for a small business.

Free Hosting Sites are Usually not Free:

  • Not Flexible
  • Generally not SEO friendly
  • Can’t use your own domain name without upgrading to a paid plan
  • You have to pay for templates and functionality
  • You don’t have control over your site you are at that companies mercy. Will they be in business next year? Do they offer the best optimization methods? Do they let you customize your site? (This one line should be enough for you to understand that if you are truly building a real online business online you have to have control) Trusting in another company and not having the ability to move your entire site easily to another hosting company is a big mistake.
  • Limited by the system you choose for example if you want to add a contact widget do you have to go with what they offer, pay more or do without?

Free web site hosting for a small business owner is not an option for a real business.

What web hosting company Should I choose?

After years of building web sites and being with hosting services like HostGator, iPage, GoDaddy, SiteGround and others that don’t even still exist I have finally choosen one for all my sites.

The small business web hosting I have choosen provides service others can’t even offer and it has a single price point.


If you have ever bought web hosting before I am sure you know what upsells are. Once these companies get you in you have to pay for faster speed, backups, to use their website builder, to keep your information private and so forth. They will nickle and dime you to death and you will end up paying more in the long run or doing without the service.

FYI you never want to register a domain without domain privacy. You will have your phone ringing off the hook with call centers calling offering their website building services.

I can lead a horse to water but I can’t make the horse drink it. If you choose one of the other web hosting companies you will be severly dissappointed.

If you use a Wix, Google or GoDaddy Site builder you are stuck with them. If they happen to go out of business, quit offering hosting services, or you violate their terms your website is going to be a massive nightmare to move if not impossible!

If you go with one of the other webhosting providers like HostGator or SiteGround after your low introductory rate their price goes up tremendously because they know they have you. Most business owners will not move their site.

So What is the Best Web Hosting for Small Business?

It’s actually a system called Wealthy Affiliate. This site IgnitedBiz.com is hosted on Wealthy Affiliates servers.

Here are the top reasons I have choosen to use Wealthy Affiliate for my small business Ignited Biz, LLC.

Reason #1

What is the Best Web Hosting for Small Business? Amazon Web Hosting

Amazon Servers To Host Your Site

Everyone knows who Amazon is and you know they have a very stable, powerful and top of the line servers. Hosting your companies website on these servers is the way to go! You don’t want your business web site hosted on some server siting in a geeky guy’s basement somewhere do you? Cheap web site hosting is not the way to go.

Geeky Guys Parents Basement

Reason #2

Affordable Web Hosting for Small Businesses

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most economical web hosting companies out there. You can start out free using one of their subdomains.

Once your ready to go live you only have two choices pay monthly or a year in advance (Year in advance offers a big discount). No coupons and No Gimmicks with upsells.

Once you’ve gone monthly or yearly you get it all:

  • Increased site speed
  • Top of the line Security from Intrusions, Hacking and Malware
  • Https – This is critical most companies are still charging big money for this (Every Business Needs a Secure Website)
  • SiteRubix
  • Content templates
  • Fast support
  • A great community of helpful friendly business owners
  • Training Courses (You don’t need to buy any other book or how to program it is all in the Wealthy Affiliate back office)
  • Email setup that is easy to follow
  • Keyword research tool Jaaxy (This is limited but the functionality you receive on it is plenty for the Small Business Owner)
  • Local marketing courses
  • There is more and one very special and powerful SEO technique only Wealthy Affiliate (WA) offers. You won’t find this secret marketing tool at any other web hosting company. To buy similar programs that are usaually less affective it would run you over $100 a month.

What is the Best Web Hosting for Small Business?

To simply answer that question it is Wealthy Affiliate. I could go on and on as there are so many more benefits then you will ever find with any other small business web hosting service provider. If you have any questions you can always give us a call at Ignited Biz, LLC at 816-399-5335 and I will be glad to discuss it with you.

4 thoughts on “What is the Best Web Hosting for Small Business? Small Business Web Hosting Services”

  1. Hi Chris thanks for this article!

    You have covered a number of points that I’m interested in.

    I have enjoyed using some of the free websites but that was as an individual for my hobbies so it was sufficient.

    I have also used hosting services that started off cheap but then got rather expensive, so I ended up shutting down quite a few websites, where I was still experimenting.

    This sounds much better.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks Julia for the comment it does amaze me the number of people who do pick cheaper services and wonder why they are never able to move forward on their website projects.

  2. Hi Chris! Quite surprised about only 8.4% finding a store by walking into it. It seems that physical stores are losing more and more each day. And I do agree with you that WA is the best site for web hosting, to some degree. WA is not simply a web hosting website as it has content, community and training courses. All of which you pay for, which is fine. But if someone already has experience in marketing themselves online, and they don’t need any training for it. I’ll say it’s best to go to sole web-hosting websites like HostGator. Just my 2 cents on this.

    • Thanks for commenting on “What is the Best Web Hosting for Small Business?” Levon. Correct Wealthy Affiliate is not just a web hosting company it is a community that offers a easy social side to it which is worth the price in helping with SEO.

      Hostgator along with other web hosting companies offer you upsell after upsell. Also how much do you pay for Hostgator after their promotional pricing ends? Where are their servers hosted?

      Wealthy Affiliate offers hosting on Amazon Servers plus many more addons without any additional upsells.


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