I'm Chris Jones owner of Ignited Biz, LLC. My online marketing firm can help grow your local small business. Below you will have two options. You can hire us to handle your online marketing, or you can choose to do it yourself, and we will lead you step by step.​

Igniting Your Local Marketing To Make Your Phone Ring!

what is online marketing strategY?

An online marketing strategy is a plan to bring in more customers. Online advertising involves many things for a local small business owner. It includes social media marketing (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms), a SEO optimized website with great content for your customer base, Pictures, Videos, Email, Survey’s, Directories, Forum Posting and much more. What is online marketing strategy? It is putting all these plus many more techniques together to broadly get your companies name easily found when people are searching for a product you offer.

Online Marketing Strategy

what is your marketing strategY?

Ignited Biz offers a complete online local marketing service. We also provide training for the do it yourself crowd. We understand you might not have a big budget. We are happy to show you how to build a solid online marketing strategy. We will show you the tools and tips for the best online marketing strategy. Our System is one of the best do it yourself website builder courses out there not to mention the top-notch support.

Now is the Time To Make the Choice

marketing company or not

Do It Yourself Websites and Online Marketing

You’ve played with the idea in the past, and now you’ve finally decided that it’s time to build a solid online marketing campaign for your small business. Everything has shifted towards everything being online and mobile. Having an online presence for your small business is vital for many reasons.

A website is often the first impression that someone has of your company. No website people like myself view that as an unstable company not here for the long run. Not enough money to even have a website what other corners do you cut to save money? Having quality website is essential.

In the age of social media and review sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and yes, even GetApp, people are talking about your company online, even if you’re not online. Do you monitor your online reputation?

Not having a website means, you’re missing out on business opportunities. These are business opportunities that cost very little to acquire when compared to other advertising methods. The first place that people go when looking for a company is to a search bar. Either on their computer or they use their phone to look up a restaurant nearby. If your local small business doesn’t show up in its search results, people won’t know that you exist. They will visit your competitors who do have an online presence and who do respond to customers concerns online.

Now that you’ve decided to build a business website, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider before We begin.

On the next page, we will do a simple walk through of what all we will be learning. Some of the secret sauce will be left out to keep other small business online marketing companies from copying my material. Once you follow the steps, you will have access to it all.

Hire Ignited Biz, LLC a Marketing Advertising Firm

Building and Developing and online marketing strategy for a local business may seem easy. When you start digging around and find out what all is required to build a successful local online advertising campaign you might realize you would rather hire a small business advertising firm.

Time is valuable and instead of learning what all is involved in building a website and how to build a substantial online social presence why not hire an expert?

The majority of consumers use the internet to research a company before spending money? Can yours be found? What do they see when they search for your company?

When a customer is searching for a service like Roofing, Plumber, Realtor, Hair Stylist, Handyman, Lawn Service, Pest Control, Seafood Food, Healthy Meals, Personal Trainer or any other type of service.

Will they find your company? Or will they find your competition?

If you plan on winning you better plan on being found! It amazes me the number of companies that send out postcards and mailers but yet aren’t promoting online.

Companies that aren’t easily found online, in my opinion, don’t exist nor would I hire them to perform a service for me. I want to know the company is stable.

With Ignited Biz, LLC being a top-notch small business consulting firm we can make your company highly visible online. We have the best online marketing for local small business owners at very affordable prices.

Lead Generation

Generating Leads for your small business can be very confusing. If you are a do it yourself person then you need our handy guide on where to get your business listed. This free guide will show you how to get some free advertising for your small business.

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Other Services

Ignited Biz, LLC also offers service ala carte. If your needing a particular part of the online marketing strategy handled we can help!

Content Marketing

Getting content management and generation

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Press Releases

Press Releases are a great way for new local businesses to get their name out there

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Speedy and Secure

Speedy website development – Speed and HTTPS are two important factors

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“We guarantee that you will be getting one the best online marketing services  on the market. We eat and sleep thinking about ways to beat the other’s as competition is our middle name. Rest assured you will be getting the best bang for your buck when you hire Ignited Biz, LLC to handle your online marketing and advertising. “

Owner of Ignited Biz, LLC Chris Jones

Time is money

You know your business. When we need a new roof we don’t go buy a ladder, shingles, nails and attempt to do it our self. We call a roofer! We don’t have the time to learn the tricks of your trade just like you should not have to learn SEO and web design. When you need online marketing done give us a call and save time and money.

Location is everything

Ignited Biz. LLC is located right in the United States heartland. When you hire us you are hiring a small business owner like yourself to help handle the marketing tasks for your small business advertising.

Ignited Biz, LLC is Here to Help

Ignited Biz, LLC is a small business marketing company. Our services include websites, social media marketing, pay per click (PPC), and search engine optimization.

We handle the online marketing for small companies so they can do what they do best.

Our goal is to provide your small business with top notch online advertising.

Ignited Biz sets its self apart from the competition by only handling one niche per 20 miles radius. That means if you’re a Roofer, General Contractor, Dentist, Lawyer, Auto Shop, Restaurant (Food Specific Italian, Mexican, Bar), electrical contractor, pest control we only deal with one of those per location. We give our full attention to promoting your local business in that area. We never work for your competition when you hire us.

Our number one goal being a small business marketing company is making sure your business thrives and is well known online. That means if customers are searching on a mobile phone, Google, FaceBook, YouTube, Pinterest or any any other site we want your company popping up.

Just think if the customer searches Google and then Facebook and your small business is mentioned on both while the competition is not who do you think they will call or visit?

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