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Ignited Biz a marketing company for local business. We make your phone ring!


Ignited Biz, LLC is a small business marketing company. Our services include websites, social media marketing, pay per click (PPC), and search engine optimization.
We handle the online marketing for small companies so they can do what they do best.
Our goal is to provide your small business with top notch online advertising.
Ignited Biz sets its self apart from the competition by only handling one niche per 50 miles radius. That means if you’re a Roofer, General Contractor, Dentist, Lawyer, Auto Shop, Restaurant (Food Specific Italian, Mexican, Bar), electrical contractor, pest control we only deal with one of those per location. We give our full attention to promoting your local business in that area. We never work for your competition when you hire us.
Our number one goal being a small business marketing company is making sure your business thrives and is well known online. That means if customers are searching on a mobile phone, Google, FaceBook, YouTube, Pinterest or any any other site we want your company popping up.
Just think if the customer searches Google and then Facebook and your small business is mentioned on both while the competition is not who do you think they will call or visit?