What is the Best Website Builder for Small Business

A question that gets asked several times:

What is the best website builder for small business?

This is an important question. You will be spending valuable time or money to have one built. You don’t want to create a website only to be stuck with that web hosting provider. You get stuck when you use propriety software to make your site.

Building a site with Google, Godaddy, Wix, or other website builder platforms is not a good idea. Once you have created it with one of these companies, their terms and conditions bind you along with being a hostage to pay whatever fee they charge for hosting it. These sites use propriety software to construct your website.

Why are you hostage?

Well, these platforms use special HTML that is different from company to company. They say they have easy-to-use WYSIWYG (an acronym for “what you see is what you get”) builders. But once you build a site on these platforms, you can not quickly move it to another. In fact, it most likely be impossible to move without a considerable cost of time and money.

So what do you need when looking for a website builder?

Top Website Builders For Small Businesses

Things to look for when choosing a website builder:

  • Flexibility (Ability to move the site to another hosting company)
  • Popularity
  • Modifiability (Is the site easily adjusted)
  • Inexpensive
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimized) This is so you will show higher in the search engines to get more customers.
  • Fast – Sites need to load fast in today’s mobile society. A mobile-friendly website is needed
  • Tools integration – Having a website is excellent, but you will want other programs to easily integrate with your site, for instance, an email program with an autoresponder
  • Strong community
  • easy website builder for small business

These are all characteristics you will want in your website builder.

The Top Best Free Website Builder For Small Businesses

The top website builder, as we mentioned on the best web hosting page, is WordPress.

Hands down, it meets all the above criteria, and on top of that, most themes and plugins are free. Now you will want to invest a little money to make the theme even more flexible, but it is the most economical way to go.

The most significant thing here is that you can host a WordPress site anywhere on your desktop if you want to. This means you are not held hostage and can take your website to other hosting providers if you choose to.

The Best Economical Website Builder For Small Businesses

WordPress wins hands down in our research and will be what we mainly focus on here at Ignited Biz, LLC.

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