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At Ignited Biz, LLC, We Enjoy The Challenge

Nothing satisfies us like helping you beat your competition in the search rankings. Some companies pay for ads. We build highly specialized websites so leads come freely through search engines.

About Us

We Have Many Years of Designing Websites

We are constantly working to improve our small business websites and ensure they are as search engine friendly as possible. We also want to ensure visitors have the best possible experience when they visit your website by quickly finding what they are searching for. We are passionate about ensuring that our website is the best it can be.

Custom SEO Services That Fit Your Business Needs at an Affordable Price.

Unique, tailor-made SEO services that help your business grow!

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Welcome to Ignited Biz, LLC!

I’m Chris Jones, founder of Ignited Biz, LLC. We are located in the heart of the United States.

Today’s digital world is quickly moving away from the desktop and moving to mobile connections. It is important for business owners to have an online marketing strategy. If a company doesn’t stay on top of its online presence, a penguin algorithm search engine change (Google Algorithm) may send your business into a tailspin.

We help prepare your business for the next search engine change. We do this by diversifying the way you obtain leads.

The advice you find on Ignited Biz is the same things I do daily to help businesses succeed online.  I have no fame and didn’t inherit any special skills, just good old hard work, and effort.  Having a loving family who directed me to college, where I chose finance as my major. My work history includes mowing lawns, fast food, retail, insurance field, mortgages, and even selling vacuum cleaners for a short period.  I worked at AT&T for 13 years as a Senior Network Engineer before being laid off.

I have been building websites and doing search engine optimization since 1998. Taking my knowledge from my prior work experiences to formulate a business plan. Seeing the outrageous charges for minimal services that the corporate world provides. I decided to form Ignited Biz, LLC to follow my passion for online marketing. Taking my knowledge, experience, and desire to create a top-notch small business marketing company to provide real value. Ignited Biz’s commitment is providing local business owners the best service and bang for their buck.

There are no silver spoons here, so I hope you enjoy the information, and I hope it motivates you to take your financial destiny into your hands. I look forward to helping you hit your income needs by building a top-notch and simple website.

Ignited Biz Is Located In The Middle Of The USA

Let Ignited Biz, LLC Ignite your online marketing!

With numerous strategies involved in having a successful campaign online. We strive to offer top-quality internet marketing, including affordable SEO services done correctly (White Hat).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using our contact page. Or visit Ignited Biz Lead Generation Services page to learn more about our services.

Chris Jones

Founder of Ignited Biz, LLC


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