How do I get a Domain Name for my Business? Who has the Best Domain Name Registration?

Here are the steps to answer these typical questions that come up: How do I get a Domain Name for my Business? How to get a domain name for my business? How to get a good domain name? How to find a business name? Who has the best domain name registration?

How to Pick a Business Name

You might already have a business name in mind, but these tips might help you reshape the name. Naming your organization can be a complicated procedure. But viewing long lists of possibilities with a group composed of family and friends may return mixed results and turn the process into a nightmare. Picking a company name is one of the first steps to getting a domain name registered for your business. Some simple tips to keep in mind when picking a company name. Keep it short and easy to remember and spell. With today’s world of auto correct and everything having a simple to spell name makes it easier for everyone especially if they search you online. For example, I choose Ignited Biz Ignited means: catch fire or cause to catch fire Biz Means: is an informal noun for a business So I wanted people to see that our marketing firm will help their business catch fire and grow and spread. Plus it was short, and the domain name was available in the .com version. When picking a business name, you want the domain name to be available. I still prefer to use .com as most people always associate web addresses to the .com’s. If you use the .org, .net, .biz or one of the hundreds of other extensions, then you run the risk of your customer visiting the wrong site.

How to get a Good Domain Name?

Follow these simple steps, and your domain name should be an excellent extension for your business.
  • Don’t use your personal name – Why? Because what happens if you want to sell your business or hand it off to your daughter who gets married and has a different last name now? I am a firm believer in keeping your personal name out of your business domain and business name
  • Don’t use your location – Why? What happens if you want to expand beyond your local area? Sure I could have ranked easier for SEO services in Kansas City if I had used Kansas City or KC in my business name and domain register name.
  • Try to keep it under 15 characters – Reason being shorter company names are easier to remember plus it makes it simpler to input when searching for it.
Now I know it’s not always possible to find these and you might have to bend these a little. Try to follow these simple rules for naming your company as good as you can.

How do I get a Domain Name for my Business? Who has the Best Domain Name Registration?

These two questions go hand in hand. We have already picked out who has the best web hosting for small businesses. This is going to be the best domain name register for your business also. Wealthy Affiliate again does a great job of this with no upsells necessary like other do. For instance, sure GoDaddy lets you register a domain name inexpensively the first year. But what they don’t tell you is price will increase next year oh and also to have it privately registered you have to pay a considerable fee. FYI with Wealthy Affiliate offers private domain registration for free. Do I need private registration for my domain? If you don’t use private registration, you will be bombarded with spam emails and calls from telemarketing firms.

Steps to Register Business Domain

Since you have already registered with Wealthy Affiliate web hosting setting up your domain name will be easy. Step One: Steps to Register Business Domain

Step Two for Registering Your Domain Name:

Step Two to register a domain name Once you type something in the Search Available Domains here box. You will get a list of what is available to buy with the different extensions. Again if you can buy an extension ending in .com that is your target domain. In searching for domains, you will find that a vast majority of domains are taken. I have many times been searching for a domain and found it already taken, and then there is no website on that domain. It is setting parked, and of course, most likely it is for sale. A parked domain means someone bought the domain and instead of putting up a website they let the domain register put up a page. They sometimes earn a commission if someone clicks on a link. Most generally the domain is setting there, and there is a purchase now button or make an offer. Buy This Domain


Hopefully, this explained how to get a domain for your business. Picking a business name and domain can be tricky. But with some patients and persistence, you probably will locate a really great domain name. In future posts, we will be talking about domain age and how to find really good domains for a low price. These domains are more for someone building a niche business not a local business domain name although I have seen a few great ones this way for some local businesses.          

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