Fully Managed Hosting in the USA

Why do I need fully managed hosting? Hosting is one of the most important features and you don’t want to skimp here. Ignited Biz prides itself in being one of the top Small Business Marketing Companies. Our agency wants to make sure you start with the best.
First, you need to know how websites work.
Here are the basic terms:
– When you open a web browser and put in a website address like Google.com your browser sends a request to the hosting server for the information.
– The Web browser (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome) connects to the server through an IP Address. The IP address is obtained from translating the domain name Google.com into
– The server sends back the requested page code to form the page being displayed on your web browser.
Web pages are written in HTML, Hypertext Markup Language.
Hypertext markup language describes the layout, format, and content of a page.
The Web browser then renders the page according to the HTML code.
Hosting servers are computers whose job is to respond to a browser’s request. Then deliver a web page through the Internet. A hosting server is like a hard drive that stores your website files and images.
To display your company website on the internet, you need a web hosting provider. Of course, you will have to pay a fee for this hosting. Quality hosting is crucial and is the foundation for building an excellent website.

Can’t I go with free or cheap hosting?

Web sites that run on cheap hosting servers often rank at the bottom. Think of hosting as a neighborhood. Free or cheap hosting the shared server will be filled with cheap and questionable websites.
When the search engines see’s your site on the same server it calls into question the quality of your site.
Paying for quality fully managed hosting service offers you a leg up when it comes to ranking your local company.
Cheap and Free should not be in your vocabulary when searching for hosting for your local business.

Choosing a Fully Managed Hosting Provider:

There are a lot of web hosting providers to choose from.  When ordering hosting, you need to pick a domain name.
In fact, there are so many that people can get stuck and bogged down before their site is even built. This is what causes many small businesses to pick the wrong hosting provider. Often choosing simple builders like Wix and Squarespace and limiting their ability to create a well-ranking website.
Keep in mind we use WordPress for a reason. It’s ranking ability and its flexibility. If you choose to go with these easy designer websites, you will create a nightmare to switch later. Once you learn the power WordPress has compared to these simple website builders, you will want to change.
So, choose carefully! Or you could face slow servers, periods of malfunction, no support, bad support or bad rankings.

What is fully managed hosting?

Fully managed hosting means the service provider keeps all software and security systems up to date.

What company has fully managed hosting here in the United States?

There are many companies to choose from: Bluehost, Hostgator, SIteground, eHost, iPage, JustHost, FatCow, GoDaddy, One and One and many more.
The problem is most don’t have high-quality fast support. Many hosting companies can get rather expensive with all their add-ons. They lure you in with a cheap teaser rate. Most of the time the pricing you see you have to pay for years in advance.

Who has the best customer service when it comes to hosting?

Customer service is a very important topic. I have tried many of the hosting providers mentioned above. Only to become frustrated with their lack of expert support. Or their support is slow to respond. After trying out several fully managed hosting providers, we finally found one that provides top level customer service.

What is GEO Hosting?

Geo hosting has to do with the location of your hosting servers. If you run a local business located in the United States, you don’t want your web hosting coming from Canada or worse yet Russia. Picking out a fully managed hosting option for your local company just make sure the hosting is located in the country your business is.


After using and trying out many different hosting providers I came to the conclusion of only one hosting provider would meet the quality objective and pricing objective – Siteground: FYI the link is an affiliate link and we do appreciate it if you purchase your hosting through the link.
Why did we go with Siteground? Price – Https – and the fantastic support they offer. Chat almost answers questions immediately. Their staff has also been very knowledgeable! Unlike other providers where you even have to explain https to them.
We would appreciate if you use the affiliate link above. If you do just contact us via our contact form. Provide your information including what type of business you’re in and copy and paste your receipt info into the comment section. Make sure the date and time of fully managed hosting purchase shows. We will try to shoot you some information that will help you rank your local business for using our affiliate link.