Chiropractic Marketing

Chiropractic Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Nothing Can Stop A Trane? That’s what I read this morning printed in big letters on the side of a van, as I was leaving my son’s school.
What the heck does that mean? Plus why is this scary looking van hanging around my son’s school? Are they selling something? With the way today’s society is you notice vehicles like this one. Especially all white vans with tinted windows driving near an elementary school. Luckily I did also see a phone number printed on the passenger side door. Since no one was behind me trying to leave the parking lot, I grabbed my cell phone and took a pic of the phone number and license plate just in case.
Unique Ineffective Advertising

Then it dawned on me this must be a work truck installing Trane air conditioners.
When I got home, I was able to google the phone number from the side of the van. Sure enough, it was a local heating and cooling company.
How many people who see that van think of heating and cooling company?
The tagline on a rundown down tinted window van do you think people will remember them? Sure they will but in a positive way? A tagline is great but what about the rest of the appearance? If the van had had Heating and Cooling Specialist with their phone number written big wouldn’t this have been better? Then write the tagline in small letters would have been much better.
Do you think the company tagline worked well?
Unless someone’s looked into a new air conditioning unit lately, they most likely will have no clue. All that did was waste that HVAC’s hard- earned advertising dollars.
It’s a common mistake, local businesses, and professionals with their marketing including chiropractors. Being cute in chiropractic marketing instead is not the way to go. Be compelling and informative instead.
Rule #1 with chiropractic marketing: It’s better to be informative and benefit driven than it is just to be cute. Put your advertising dollars to good use discussing the benefits people will receive from visiting your Chiropractor treatment. Do you specialize in anything particular? Decompression? Sciatica Nerve relief? People don’t realize myself included just how much an out of place back can affect other areas of our body.
I think great taglines have their place.  Many of the Fortune 500 companies use taglines but people usually already know their product and what it can do. Chiropractic treatment can help with so much that I think the general population doesn’t realize it.
Therapists see the way the big companies use taglines, and usually, they follow in their footsteps.
What most chiropractors don’t see is that those big Fortune 500 companies have a different objective with their advertising. A typical chiropractor firms goal is to drive in more foot traffic not necessarily what they fortune 500 companies advertising is aiming for.
One thing to keep in mind when choosing how to go about your chiropractic therapy marketing. Research shows that even though people remember taglines, they don’t always associate them with the company who made it. On top of that even if we do remember the business research has shown that we don’t necessarily go to that company to purchase a service or buy any more services.
The point is even though people may remember your tagline that doesn’t mean they will buy from you. The issue with chiropractic marketing is the main reason to advertise is to get new patients.

Your chiropractic marketing should be driving the response you’re aiming for:

Generate more leads
More new chiropractic patients
More referrals
How to do that with a Chiropractic Business?
Instead of coming up with a jingle or cute tagline come up with one that shows people you can help them with their issue. Use a tagline that clearly states a unique benefit to prospective patients.
What makes you the Chiropractor Doctor to visit?
Do you cater to the working crowd during the day? Keeping appointments on time and moving along? This allowing them to stop in on their break for an adjustment?
Do you have late hours during the week or special weekend hours?
Give people a compelling reason in your tagline, to visit your chiropractic practice. Make a statement in what patients get with your health practice compared to the chiropractor down the street.
Keep in mind it’s always better to be clear and concise than it is to try and be cute. People aren’t always on the same thought pattern so they might not get your cute message. Usually, if someone is thinking about visiting a Chiropractic office, they are in pain or some other issue. They want to know you can handle it and resolve their issue.
Chiropractic marketing message simple and to the point.

Things to keep in mind when making your chiropractic marketing.

Keep in mind:
More unique
Returning, to our earlier example of a bad tagline.
“Nothing Stops A Trane”
Here’s a way they could make it so everyone understands what they do.
Top Of The Line Air Conditioning Unit Designed To Cool Your Home While Conserving Your Homes Energy!
The Only Home Air Conditioning Unit That Has Your Pocket Book in Mind.
How can you improve your chiropractic practices marketing? Keep in mind people have busy schedules and they are usually in pain.
Ignited Biz’s tagline is we help businesses get found. If people can’t find your business online then your not in business.
I hope this article helps you come up with some ideas if you’re doing your marketing yourself.