Using Landing Pages to Build Email Lists

The most common technique of today is combining two or more methods for building an email list, the first being using landing pages or squeeze pages. Get the potential customers to the landing page and entice them to opt-in for something.

Consumers drastically view permission differently than marketers. When asked whether or not they remember asking for email correspondence from a company they know and trust, only 10% of consumers replied that they had. More than half of respondents believe they never requested the majority of commercial emails they receive.

Why the email amnesia?

This is the backlash that comes when the email marketing industry drowns consumers in sweepstakes, registrations, and in-store promotions. Some consumers have become increasingly distrustful when handing over their email addresses. One interesting piece of information to note is that the younger and wealthier a consumer, the more likely they are to feel they have signed up for the information they receive in emails. Also, a professional landing page design will help create a lasting, positive impression.

Shady marketers are to blame for this amnesia. They deluge the customer’s email with worthless emails.

Striking a balance in email marketing is a must. You don’t want to appear spammy to prospects, but you also want to make opting in an uncomplicated process. As you travel further and further into email marketing territory, it is important to understand the pros and cons of different techniques.

Why should a local business use email in its marketing?

On a typical day, the number of non-spam emails that consumers receive to their personal accounts averages between 52.2 and 65.4. The numbers slightly differ when looking at men, women, and individuals (18 to 26 years old). With more people latching onto the social networking scene, some have predicted a decrease in email usefulness. To date, no such decline has been seen.

Email is still a very effective marketing method and will be in the near seeable future. Ignited Biz uses email and other methods to follow up on our marketing. Local businesses need to embrace it in an attempt to retain customers.