Real Estate Agent Marketing That Gets Results!

Real Estate Agent Advertising Ideas


Real Estate Agent Marketing and way’s for an agent to build trust.

For the majority of people, buying a new home is not something to be taken lightly. An RE agent who can show their expertise with valuable content through advertising and marketing shows buyers you are their go-to realtor when they are ready to make a move. Real Estate agent marketing doesn’t have to hard or complicated. In fact, it can be fun and inexpensive to almost free.

In this article, we will discuss various creative real estate marketing methods along with one of the number one ways we know will bring you many leads.

There is one method most Realtors are leaving big money on the table. This marketing method is better and much cheaper than any other marketing method. If you take action on this one Marketing method, you will be setting yourself up to be in a million dollar club year end and year out.

real estate agent advertising – real estate agent marketing

Real Estate Advertising Ideas

Some of these real estate agent marketing ideas are low cost and some, of course, can cost you thousands of dollars.

Free Real Estate Marketing Ideas:

  • Facebook Page
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Online Directories

These ideas you can quickly set up for free. If you have your phone number with your address, you can get your information in online directories. Most are free and a great way to advertise as people are not always searching on Google.

Real Estate Agent Advertising Ideas With a Bigger Bank Roll:

  • Postcards and farming to specific zip codes
  • Paid advertising on Facebook and other social sites
  • Homes Magazine if your area still has one
  • Newspaper
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Co-Op Advertising

Creative Real Estate Marketing:

  • List of national day’s – For instance national ice cream day and having kids stop by with parents for a free coupon
  • Send a 3D Mailer – Everybody will open an envelope if they think there is something unique inside. For instance, you can buy dice and include one in your envelope and say “Don’t Gamble When it Comes To Your Real Estate Needs” – mail these out to homes that were listed and never sold or to FSBO’s
  • #ThrowbackThursday – See if you can find photos of the neighborhood from 10, 20, 30 or more years ago. People will be intrigued to see what the old neighborhood use to look like
  • Online Real Estate Marketing

One way to advertise online is to look for websites that are open to real estate advertising.  Find a company that you can maybe do some co-op advertising with. Look for home improvement companies or painting companies and see if you can advertise on their websites.

Real estate advertisements get your name out there and recognized. When people keep seeing your name over and over, they will want to use your services.

Online Marketing For Real Estate Agents

The number one way for real estate agents to get a steady supply of leads is through real estate marketing websites. Now one thing I want to make clear this is not from your cookie cutter real estate sites. These sites are almost worthless as they usually have very little information or articles and top of that most of the content is duplicate content.

internet real estate marketing is the way to go, but it’s not just about selling houses it’s about getting your name out there.

Did you know local SEO marketing is one of the easiest ways to get new business and significant name recognition?

Local blogs are much easier to rank. When someone is located in the city, Google knows by their IP address. Google will try to show sites that have relevant information, and if that site is shown to be local by address and other SEO methods, they will show it above national sites.

If you have a local site, you can have a section dedicated to local stores and restaurants. Go and do a review and let the owner know you have done a review and ask that they share it with their social groups.

It is endless the amount of accessible content you can generate quickly while advertising your name in the right sidebar of the website.

We have written another post on real estate agent marketing and the web hosting package they should choose.

local real estate agent marketing

Real Estate Agent Marketing Conclusion

If you a Real Estate Agent and your asking:

How do I get more leads and sales?

Then you truly need to look into running your website – blog. Creating content for a local site is easy. It will help you get your name out there in more ways than one.

online real estate marketing tools in the next posting we will be going over