Social Media Marketing Tips

You probably have heard of Twitter by now. But what is it? And more importantly, how can you use it for strategic marketing purposes? Here’s a thumbnail sketch of what Twitter is and how you can leverage it for marketing your business. These social media marketing tips can be applied to all of the social platforms.

Twitter is microblogging. You have limited characters per message, called “tweets”, to make your point. You must be succinct, concise and engaging!

Twitter, like blogging, is a way to connect with other people. Although you may be Twittering for business purposes, remember that your voice should have a personal tone. People will tire quickly if all you post is Marketing jargon.

  • Follow back folks who support you. It’s how you build a huge following or Twitter posse!
  • Aim to be a thought leader in your field. Search for users who are tweeting in your world and watch what they do.
  • Add links to your tweets to drive followers to interesting articles or new posts on your blog or website.
  • Use a Twitter management application to organize your followers and tweets. I like BrightKit.
  • Twitter takes time to nurture. As a lead generation system, it will take time as you build your reputation and follower list.

Social Media Marketing Tips

  1. Be remarkable – somebody worth making a remark about
  2. Become a resource to others
  3. Have your unique personality
  4. Be vocal and opinionated within the community
  5. Don’t continuously push the envelope by flooding them with requests
  6. Invest time into social media
  7. Produce and share content that your audience will love
  8. Monitor what’s being shared about you
  9. Become a real member of the community
  10. Ask questions
  11. Answer questions
  12. Provide value to the community
  13. Be controversial
  14. Don’t be another me-too
  15. Automate carefully – it’s about people, not robots
  16. Don’t be sarcastic as some might not catch the sarcasm
  17. Make it easy for people to share and bookmark your content
  18. Listen to the community
  19. Make at least one new connection every day
  20. Engage yourself in conversations
  21. Become the conversation
  22. You’re there to make relationships, not hard selling
  23. Take time to focus on building a loyal following
  24. Give, Give, GIVE!
  25. Treat social media like a cocktail party
  26. Be supportive
  27. Be careful Syndicating all your content across all social media platforms. Reason being someone following you on all the accounts doesn’t want to see your message ten times.
  28. Encourage others to share your content on their sites and posts
  29. Fully research the community to understand your market
  30. Be fun
  31. Watch out for the unwritten laws of the community
  32. Create an attractive, unique and professional profile
  33. Use a cool avatar/picture
  34. Use the same avatar for each social media service
  35. Don’t be a keyboard fool (i.e. trash talk all day)
  36. Know what your followers/friends want and give it to them
  37. Form reciprocal arrangements with others
  38. Monitor your noise level
  39. Never cheat the system
  40. Help others unconditionally
  41. Be yourself

Have you started using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus yet?

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