How to Market as a Personal Trainer

How to market as a personal trainer needs to be taken serious. Without a great marketing plan you most likely will struggle to get clients. Without clients you have no money and without money you can’t do the job.

In the old days, there was generally one way to build a personal training business.

There is a big misconception in the gym world. That the only method for gym-based personal trainers to sign up new clients is to annoy people. These on the floor and hard sell free sessions are the old school way. The hope is that these will be turned into paying clients.

People, in general, are well aware of what is behind the offer from a personal trainer to give them a free lesson or two. Now it is essential to be seen on the gym floor so you can build a reputation.

If you walk the floor intending to have as many positive interactions as possible, this could be anything such as helping a member by offering advice, spotting them, or just a bit of general conversation.

The old saying is “people buy off those they know, like and trust”. By being helpful, positive, and encouraging and having as many interactions as possible. You will become one of the trainers in the gym that the members know, like, and most importantly, trust.

So what other ways can a personal trainer market themselves?

Here are some really marketing tips and ideas for personal trainers:

  • Website: To market as a personal trainer, you need your brand. By starting a website, you not only get a chance to showcase your knowledge. You will have many more income opportunities by building and regularly posting to your blog on your site.
  • Social Media: Being active on social media and giving helping advice to local groups. Also being an advocate for people to sign up for a walk or running marathon. Teaching people how to get out and get active. We have some great ideas on how you can pull customers in this way.
  • Google My Business:  Setting up your own personal Google My Business page is essential. The next essential step is getting listed in the other directories. A list of ones to start with is listed here.
  • Throwing a contest and we have a particular contest that you can throw. This contest will make people want to get in the best shape they can. 

How to Market as a personal trainer doesn’t have to be hard, but it does take some time and effort. With the secret method, we will soon be reveling you will be profitable in no time.

Please check back. We will be posting more on the secretive yet powerful way for personal trainers to market them selfs.

In fact, I’m confident this will be one of the number one ways to market your personal training business.