10 Creative Ads For Real Estate Agents

Creative Ads For Real Estate Agents is here to help you find ways to pull free RE Agent leads using the internet. These ideas are from Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Tiktok, Twitter, and even simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website. These ads are an excellent way for new real estate agent leads to bring in new exclusive leads without bugging friends and family. FYI most of these your friends and family can share to help you bring in new leads.

If you want to grow your real estate business, you must use creative ads. They must be eye-catching and memorable and should feature fantastic imagery and catchy headlines. Here are some examples of real estate ads. They will make your business stand out from the crowd. Use these ideas to create your own ads to reach your target audience.

How Real Estate Agents Get Leads

If you are an agent who wants to boost your business, you need to be aware of the different ways to generate leads. Among them is creating a website and focusing on search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is essential because it will allow you to be listed at the top of search results for specific keywords. In addition to SEO, you also need to make sure that your website is speedy for mobile search results. Per the National Association of Realtors 2021 report 50% of all buyers use Mobile Devices when conducting an online search.

What does that mean to you? Potential home buyers or sellers will go to a different site if your site is slow loading. Speed is also used more than ever for ranking a website on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Why do you think Google has a free test you can use called PageSpeed Insights? Have you tested your site? Did you know that “Improving your load time by 0.1s can boost conversion rates by 8%.” per Google/Deloitte Milliseconds Make Millions.

8% return per 0.1 seconds! Where can you get a return like that? I don’t know of any signs or ads that will do so much for so little. Local business website design is essential, especially for a realtor.

Real Estate Lead Generation for New Real Estate Agents

Free advertising online is a great way to increase your brand’s visibility and reach especially when using creative ads for real estate agents. Many different social sites offer this type of exposure. Some focus on increasing their reach, while others provide a more traditional approach. There are also many different formats you can use. Just make sure that your ad is eye-catching!

Instagram is a trendy social networking site that allows you to advertise for free. Although Instagram is geared toward celebrities, ordinary people can also use this method for free. Using creative ads and comments, you can use Instagram to promote your real estate services or event for free.

You can give your brand a human touch by creating and sharing content that shows your area (Farm) behind the scenes. These videos and photos will make your company seem more genuine and authentic while promoting transparency. These videos will also boost your brand’s credibility. Creating this type of content on social media is one of the best ways to increase your company’s visibility online.

Twitter is another way to use social media to boost your brand awareness and reach. Several platforms have built-in tools to increase your followers, including Twitter. By sharing your content on these sites, you’ll gain new followers and traffic to your website. LinkedIn, meanwhile, is a social networking platform for businesspeople and entrepreneurs. The site is highly active, and users actively engage with your posts. It accounts for about half of all social media traffic to B2B websites.

10 Creative Ads For Real Estate Agents On Different Social Media Platforms

Example 1:

creative ads real estate 1
Source: Twitter

Here is a creative ad for real estate agents to get more seller listings: This ad is eye-catching, making people read the headline. You could also use a headline like “6 Mistakes Home Sellers Make In The “Your Market area.” This is, of course, a Halloween ad, but you can do one for each Holiday of the year.

Example 2:

Unique Real Estate Marketing 2
Source: Linkedin

Linkedin real estate leads is one of my favorite. Due to it being a business website, more people seem to be professional. I have found fewer fake accounts on this platform than on others. You also see more information about the people as they are more likely to share the information due to it being a professional site.

Example 3:

Creative Real Estate Marketing 3
Source: Linkedin

This, in my opinion, is an excellent way on, how to use LinkedIn for real estate. She uses a picture of herself so people can recognize her. In the comments section, she writes, “I sold this townhouse to my client last year, and now sold it for them.” This impressed me that she had a repeat client. This shows people who have worked with Celina Skinner didn’t have buyer’s remorse and enjoyed her work style enough to come back and let her list their home. This is one of my Favorite Creative Ads For Real Estate Agents as it shows why I should use her as an agent.

Example 4:

Partnership Advertising 4
Source: Linkedin

Jay Quigley using Linkedin to advertise. Is Linkedin good for realtors? Using it this way, you help promote other businesses while promoting yourself. This is an excellent way to partner up with other local business owners and get a post to reach a greater audience for free.

Example 5:

Tiktok Real Estate Advertising
Source: Tiktok

I know several people who are addicted to Tiktok. Dina Schwartz uses Tiktok as a creative way to advertise her real estate business. I love this ad if I was flipping through Tampa Bay, FL, information on Tiktok and saw the price of $350,000, which is in my price range, I would watch it. This narrows her audience down and tells me she specializes in homes in my price range.

Example 6:

Pinterest Free Creative RE agent advertising 6
Source: Pinterest

Matt Leicht’s ad on Pinterest is perfect. Real estate farming at its best. He narrows the area to Sarasota and has it in the title. If I were out of town and saw this as a potential buyer, I would know the area he is specializing in and give him a call.

Example 7:

Facebook Free Real Estate Advertising 7
Source: Facebook

Facebook advertising for Realtors: This is not an ad, but playing on the ad above, I thought I would check out Sarasota Flordia’s Facebook page. I didn’t notice one Realtor on this site looking through the page’s last 10 postings. I looked at each individual in the comments and rolled over their profile to see where they worked, and nothing. If I was planning on moving here, I would be on this page looking for information.

If I saw a realtor on here actively and then saw a listing or another ad with the same name, who do you think I probably will call after my internet search? How long does it take for you to comment on a local page? Can you do it while sitting in a car waiting on your kids or your next appointment? Pretty easy and free to get your name out there. Creative ads for real estate agents don’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Example 8:

YouTube RE Agent Advertising 8
Source: YouTube

Excellent job using YouTube, and thanks for the example on my posting for “Creative Ads for Real Estate Agents.” Katrin Pfitzenreiter, to me, is an expert on the part of FL I would be looking at homes for. She has a huge channel with numerous videos. This costs her nothing to run, and I can guarantee she gets lots of exposure from her real estate Youtube Channel.

Example 9:

Instagram Real Estate Advertising For Free
Source: Instagram

Great Instagram channel that has some pretty cool pictures. Look at how many comments the post in the lower right has of that lightning strike. Did you repost to an Instagram channel or your Facebook? Do you think it could have generated comments and likes if you had shared it? Finding great material and linking back to give them credit will get you shares and drive people to this page. It is a win-win for everyone. Free creative ads for real estate that can go viral are pictures like that, which breaks up the usual stuff you have been posting about on Facebook and other social channels.

Example 10:

The above picture is keywords for real estate that can be used on a real estate website, images, and videos. SEO difficulty is from 1 to 100. 100 being the hardest to rank for. Notice how low the SEO difficulty is? Are only one or two realtors working in Sarasota, Florida? It amazed me how little competition there was for these keywords. One has over 18,000 searches per month! SEO for real estate can be time-consuming, and there is a learning curve. You can hire it out or hit the books and get to work.

SEO keywords for real estate are numerous it just takes consistency to win them.

In conclusion, real estate agents should consider using creative ads to stand out from the competition. By thinking outside the box, agents can create ads that will grab attention and help them close more deals. With so many realtors in the market, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd. These ads do just that.

What creative ads for real estate agents have you seen that made you think, wow?

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